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Passenger Vehicles

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148 - Passenger trailer

Eight-person passenger trailer. The perfect solution for the tourism industry offering tours across historic parts of cities and parks.

343 - 4 persons

The smallest of N.Car passenger vehicles

363 - 4 Persons

Four-person vehicle with closed body can be used as electric taxi and is an interesting alternative for city cars with combustion engines

366 - 6 persons

6 person vehicle of N.Car line. Modern line and innovative technology are advantages of the vehicle.

378 - 8 Persons

It is the biggest passanger vehicle on offer. Comfortable enough for 8 persons. To suppress roughness, multi control front suspension arm was applied. Integrated set of indicators clearly shows all necessary information such as speed, range, mileage or batteries’ level.

443 - 4 Persons

Melex 443 is the smallest of passenger models of the new 4xx line. It is distinguished by a completely revised design, which on the one hand, is a reference to the tradition and the first Melex vehicles, on the other hand emphasizes the modern and universal nature of the model. Colorful exterior and interior design elements make it become eye-catching showcase of modern business.

563 XTR

563 XTR 4 persons The smallest off-road, XTR line vehicle. Raised suspension allows vehicle to move in difficult areas.

833 - 4 persons

4 persons The most simple of Melex vehicles. What you get is real value for money. Perfect for closed parks, golf fields, sport centers or big factories. Legible display shows batteries’ level. Additional equipment among others is a canopy top or a windshield.

843 - 4 Persons

843 4 persons One of the basic models. The vehicle is equipped with comfortable seats for 4 persons and a set of lights. It is convenient means of transport for closed parks, sport centers or big factories. Competitive price and great possibilities, make the vehicle very popular among customers.

943 - 4 Persons

The cheapest of vehicles for public roads. The vehicle is equipped with comfortable seats for 4 persons and a set of lights. Main information, such as batteries’ level and speed, are shown on legible display. Foldable back seat gives plenty of space for additional cargo.

Call for Price: 041764-3988

964 XTR Plus - 6 Persons

The biggest off-road, XTR series vehicle. Raised suspension allows for trips even in the difficult areas.

966 - 6 persons

This 6 seats vehicle is a real value for money. The vehicle is equipped with tree point seat belts and main information is shown on the display.

986 - 8 Persons

8 persons Big, 8 passenger vehicle that is a real value for money. Seats are equipped with 3-point belts and at customer request it can be equipped with acrylic or canvas canopy top and windshield

Call for Price: 041764-3988