Melex are one of the oldest manufacturers of Electric vehicles, having begun in Europe in 1971. sethgodin The Brand reputation is built around the latest electrical technology including AC motors and electrics, smart Chargers including on board fitting,  Solar Power and Lithium batteries are just some examples of the Cutting edge componentry included in our vehicles.  

Along with cutting edge electronics Melex are renowned for strength and durability as we are first and foremost a Utility vehicle Manfacturer, this means our customers get strong and durable work vehicles that have up to a 1.25 Ton Pay load which stand the test of time, not simply a weak stretched out golf cart as our competitors offer.

Pair these points with Safety inclusions of Disc Brakes, Right Hand Drive (the only option for full work place health and safety coverage if sharing roads with cars), seat belts, floor hand brake, roll away protection and ROPS (ASI and ISO Certified Roll Over Protection in some models as standard).

Our Three goals in delivery the worlds best Electric work vehicles -

Best Technology

Best Durability

Best Safety

Have made Melex a favourite with visit page Government bodies, large resorts, facilities and mining industry across the Country.

Our team offer great Technical support along with Service agents across the country so you can be confident that your New work partner is with you all the way.